Moralis.User.current error

Please I have my react app wrapped with moralisprovider and with correct appId and Server url but calling Moralis.User.current() gives me the following error Uncaught Error: You need to call Parse.initialize before using Parse.

authentication works?
can you share your minimal code?

you can also find on forum simple examples with react code, for example: [React - Moralis] Having an issue with WebAPI call

"const {







} = useMoralis();

//connect wallet

const connectWallet = async () => {

const user = await authenticate({

  provider: "walletconnect",

  mobileLinks: [











Authentication works perfectly

you can see there how to post formatted code on forum

you may be able to use this: const { authenticate, isAuthenticated, user } = useMoralis();

You mean getting user from the useMoralis hook

that doesn’t look like getting the user from the user hook from useMoralis

I am trying to check if user is logged in

I mean there seems to be a user directly from useMoralis. There should also be isAuthenticated hook