Moralis User Authentication Error "Account already exists for this email address."

Hello guys, I have several queries for this issue but didn’t get anything worthwhile.
POST as it is saying “Account already exists for this email address.” I have disconnected all accounts but still getting this issue. i saw somewhere to delete all users from Session and EthAddress but that’s not possible for me to do because many users have registered there. and it’s not a great practice to delete every session and ethAddress every time this issue arises. is there an automated solution to this problem? Thanks in advance

You get that error only for a specific user?
What do you do shan’t you get that error?

That could happen if you deleted some user data form the database.

it is usually happening for the second wallet so when I connected a second wallet after disconnecting the first one i still face this issue. so this second wallet is not authenticating

What do you do with the second wallet?
Did you logout from the first account?

i am using authenticate() function to login the user so do i have to use logout function here?

You could use logout before trying to authenticate again.