Moralis Unity SDK issue with MoralisInterface

Hi I am having some issues using the Moralis functions in my custom scripts outside of the example scene. Everytime I make a MoralisInterface call such as -
Nft resp = await MoralisInterface.GetClient().Web3Api.Token.GetTokenIdMetadata(contract, token, ChainList.eth);

I receive the following error - NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

This is happening with any calls/functions I try with Moralis. In my scripts I have
using Moralis; using MoralisWeb3ApiSdk; using Moralis.Web3Api.Client; using Moralis.Web3Api.Models;

And because my scene is loaded after the sign in screen, I do not have a MoralisSetup gameObject for that scene.

Any ideas what Iā€™m doing wrong and how can I properly access moralis calls from any script?