Moralis Transfer NFT doubt

Hello, quick question. I want my platform to allow NFT owners to be able to reward their fans just like Moralis rewards the winner of the weekly challenge with a unique NFT. I have one question though.

Is there a difference on the code on the smart contract or anywhere on the blockchain between Buying an NFT and Transferring one?

It’s technically the same for a smart contract right? An NFT is moving from 1 address to another as per the smart contract. The money exchanging hands component is just something we are building on top of it, off the chain, to allow people to make money. Correct?

The Moralis Transfer NFT API is technically the same as anyone else buying an NFT but without the money part. Can you confirm if my understanding is correct?

On the first part, on buying an NFT versus transferring one, it can depend sometimes if that buying part also includes a minting part or not. But at smart contract level it is only an association on what address what NFT has, and when a transfer is done only that association is changed from previous owner address to the new owner address. When you buy (if the NFT it was already minted) then it is something equivalent to transferring but it is also a separate logic that handles the price component besides the transfer part.

Your understanding seems correct if you don’t include the possibility of minting to be included in the buying part.

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Great, got it. Thanks cryptokid! Just one other small clarification, I should technically be able to use Postman to transfer NFTs from address to address, correct?

In order to make a transfer you’ll have to generate a transaction, sign that transaction (usually a MetaMask pop up appears for this) and then send it to a speedy node (this it also done by MetaMask usually) in order to be mined and included in the blockchain.

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ohh right. Technically, can I get the user to sign the transaction via a html button with the web3 code at the backend for the button. and then use the Moralis Speedy node to mine and include it in the blockchain?

Usually after the user signed the transaction it is also automatically sent to the blockchain node that he has configured in MetaMask for example.