Moralis Transaction and Sign Message Loading forever

Hi, I’ve an issue where the Sign-Message and sometimes the transaction shows up but is loading forever, keep in mind that

  • i didn’t change anything about the code or the Moralis Server since last time it was working.
  • The server is awake.

That’s how it looks:

Can you try clearing the emulator or app cache?

Tried that but didn’t work, what work is that i created a new account on Trust Wallet.

So you are able to sign transactions with the new wallet address but not the old one?

Yes, Exactly, might that be because i tried lots of signs before with this wallet?

Not sure. I haven’t came across this issue.

Shouldn’t be an issue. See if you can use the old wallet on real hardware or a different emulator. What versions of Moralis, etc. are you using? Try updating if you’re using anything older.

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