Moralis Trade NFT API Missing Trades

Tried this against several contracts, including the OpenSea one which should be chock full of sales so a good indicator of when it stopped working, and it seems everything stops around this time, nothing since.

For example the following API request returns the last few from on the OpenSea contract:

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You can try to remove the part with &marketplace=opensea from the end of the url.


Crypto Kid | Technical Support

This doesn’t work I’m afraid. Yes it seems to work for the OpenSea contract example I gave but somehow not the one I really need to have working reliably:

Removing &marketplace=opensea still doesn’t return the FVCKRENDER sale here:

As you can see the sale here on 17th April on:

Interesting. I’m now picking up a sale from 23rd, but the FVCKRENDER sale from 17th still doesn’t show using the NFT trades API. Any ideas why?

we will investigate, thanks for reporting

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it should work now, can you check?

On trying again, four others from 26th/27th April were found that hadn’t been found before. However the FVCKRENDER one on 17th April still doesn’t show.

Can you also point me to the transaction on chain that did that trade?

yes, it looks like some data is still missing, we’ll have to investigate

is this issue resolved?

i am also facing issue in getting trades.

If the nft trades are in sync then I need to know the % its synced so that I know its in progress and how much I need to wait.

NFT api is not working for moon peeps 0x02f74badce458387ecaef9b1f229afb5678e9aad

I get 0 trades yesterday, today I am getting 46 trades, but actually are 2000+ trades done

Are they all done on the new opensea contract? We started today to process the new opensea contract and we didn’t backfill yet the trades from the past.

First of all thanks alot for reply.

I am blockchain dev. I really appreciate the work done by moralis team.

Can you tell me how I can see the sync status of nft contracts. how much data is synced?

can you also guide how many opensea contracts are there and how to get data from them. any docs, links, videos etc…

my use case is: reward the people who sell you nft at a larger price. i.e they raise floor of your nft collection.

It looks like this contract was deployed ~2 days ago:

that could explain the missing data, based on the fact that today we started to index the new opensea contract.

We will have to backfill some opensea trades for the new contract, I don’t know exactly when we will do it.

thanks alot for reply

Hi please help me in this issue

1 Traded shown in Moralis Nft Api but actually there are 2 NFT Traded.

2 NFTs Traded here: