Moralis Testnet Plugin issue - Error initializing plugins Cannot read property 'message' of undefined

I create a Morails server with this parameters:

  • Singapore
  • TestNet(Ropsten)

Then I added two Cloud function > Plugin > Sync and Watch Contract Events.

  1. When a item added.
  2. when a item soled

But when I go to the Morails Dashboard, the table for this event listener is not displaying.

only showing one event in EventSync table.

also getting this error :
Error initializing plugins Cannot read property ‘message’ of undefined

Server V. - 0.0.205

I have double-checked that I did every step correctly, but still not working.
Any help?

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I brought up this issue earlier, I’m sure they are working on it now

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Seems like an internal error with ethBalance or ethTokenTransfers.
This error is also causing sync issue with Watch Events on admin page and EventSync on dashboard. (Most likely because the Watch Events never got deployed corrected).

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so, is this from my side or moralis side ?

it’s working fine whenever I’m choosing local test net (ganache)

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Hey @rsingh90

Please take a look at this post and if you find any solution to your issue in any of the first 3 Steps:

If this doesn’t help, please follow Step 4 and share more details about your issue here, so we can help you with your issue as quickly as possible.