Moralis Sync issue on BSC Mainnet

Hi @cryptokid:


Not received (as of this message on either)

for the same transaction I got it synced at 22 Apr 2022 at 10:29:47 UTC on my server.

I think that I found out what happens:

the server is not able to handle all the transactions on time, and that it is why it is a big delay on those servers, because they try to filter every transfer event for that contract

and on my server worked instantly because it is an upgraded server

So …what can we do?? I don’t understand (we did upgrade and restart and the current one should be latest?

There are upgraded servers that have more processing power than a free server. That is what I used.

You can remove the event sync, add it before you make the transaction and then make the transaction, and it should sync faster, only because it has less transactions to process.

It may be slow also because the filter filter multiple addresses, you could try with a smaller filter (only when you test)

Im afraid we actually need to monitor even more addresses, and maintaining them in a filter is actually worse even (we originally wanted to monitor all USDT transactions and filter out the ones we dont need.

Can you advise what we need to do for such an upgrade? And how much does it cost?

the first upgraded server costs $200/month, that is the configuration that I tested with
if you want to upgrade you can send an email to [email protected]

if you try to sync the events without filtering them, it keeps up or it starts to have a delay?

No it doesn’t, we originally had that setup.

Please keep in mind that we’re monitoring 4 tokens with the same filter (contains around 100 addresses).

USDT, USDC, BUSD, and our own token (iOWN)

I can try to split the monitoring of the 4 tokens into 4 servers if that helps.

if you are interested in only 100 addresses, you can also add to watch those 100 addresses and get all the transactions for those addresses

They are already added to all the 4 filters, isnt that why theyre slow?

those filters may also slow down, I wanted to say that you can use watch address for those 100 addresses and not use event sync, in case that those 100 addresses have a smaller number of transactions compared to BUSD

Hi @cryptokid,
Can you please advise whether we can use moralis-admin-cli to setup address monitoring?

I can only see this:

(Objective is to script adding the watch address sync configuration for a server for the 100 addresses) (mostly wont be changing for the time being).


For adding an address to sync you can use a local script in nodejs where you run a specific cloud function that adds an address to sync. There is an example in documentation on how to do it. You will have to use master key parameter.

Hi, not sure I follow, but is this what you’re referring to:

(This is not moralis-admin-cli though)

That is what I mean. Where does it use moralis-admin-cli?

You can write a nodejs script that calls a cloud function.

@cryptokid can you please do a final check for me regarding this:

I’ve ugpraded server and it is still not reporting the issue event from a USDT transfer:

I can check in more details in ~2 hours. I can see that it is an upgraded server now.


Moralis CreatedAt: 27 Apr 2022 at 15:44:45 UTC
BLock Timestamp: 27 Apr 2022 at 15:31:55 UTC

Not acceptable for an upgraded server