Moralis streams with firebase

I’m testing out setting up a stream with firebase, I got everything set up including webhooks extensions on my firebase console, however it doesn’t seem to be working.

what happens when it doesn’t work?

nothing happens…the collection/document in firebase stays empty, the stream isn’t fired too from moralis

if you look in stats for that stream id it says the there were webhook requests sent or not?

nothing is there

check here in the swagger interface:

you will need the steam id and the api key

I deleted the post because it had the api key

it looks like there were no requests to match that stream config because there were no webhook requests sent, you should check the stream config to see if everything is as expected

okay, I will check properly

Hello @cryptokid pls, you mind checking this screenshots to see if my stream configs are correct?

you have to enable prod and not leave that demo checkbox, when the stream is in demo mode the requests are seen only in the admin interface and are not sent to the webhook url

I see, thanks let me do that right away

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