Moralis streams transfers type

I am pretty new to web3 world and my question could seem stupid, but donโ€™t judge me :slight_smile:
I am using moralis streams api and want to track certain addresses. I am getting notified, but I have problems with distinguishing transfers from swaps. Can someone guide me or give me some idea on how to do that?

you could look in the logs from that transaction, a swap has more logs usually

Thats true, in the logs I can see something like this

  "logs": [
      "logIndex": "1323",
      "transactionHash": "0xd8b3...8a01b89fd312780bb84c",
      "address": "0x3c499...03d5c3359",
      "data": "0x0000000000000000...0000000000000186a0",
      "topic0": "0xddf252ad1b...523b3ef",
      "topic1": "0x00000000....30a090f0",
      "topic2": "0x000000000...7ff58f74c02b",
      "topic3": null,
      "triggered_by": [

But how can I determine what tokens being swapped?

here you can see from what address to what address the tokens are transferred

here is the token address