Moralis speedy nodes chain id project id and secret key location

where can i locate the chain id for the for the polygon mainnet and Mumbai speedy nodes along with the project secret key and the project id for the endpoints

you can find the chain ids in documentation or on

the secret key should be in your admin interface on server info

im looking in the documentation i dont see the the numbers basically i satrted a project with infura and im trying to switch my hardhat configure file to use moralis but im confused infura gives a project id and a secret key after creating a project then naming it then thereโ€™s a 4 digit chain id in the documentation . this is my first time using moralis speedy nodes but i basically need polygon mainnet and the Mumbai url and the chain ids for both i didnt see them in the docs and the project id and secret key would that require me to make servers

i saw the url s just not the chain ids

im confused because of the set up coming from infura so.

  1. I go to speedy nodes i only want to use the Mumbai testnet so i select that and the url
    2)then i go to and use the hexadecimal number for the chain id
    3)then i have to create a polygon testnet server to get the id and the secret key if this is the case would the secret key be considered the master key or the cli key

man im sorry for all the questions im just trying to get everything right

this is the infura set up you name the project you get project id and the secret key then you select the speedy node enpoint which also has the project id at the end where im getting confused about is after i select the speedy node am i still required to make a polygon testnet server to get the project secret key and the project id and do use the hex number from the docs in my hardhat config file for my chain id0x13881

there may be different set ups for Infuria and Moralis, the chain id will be the same in both cases, but I donโ€™t know what for is that project secret on Infuria, you can use a speedy node endpoint without needing to create a server with Moralis.