Moralis Server Syncs > Edit/View Sync

Hi, in the actual dashboard I can see a list of the syncs created and add new ones, but it’s not possible to edit or view a sync.

Edit: I guess it makes sense not to allow to change topic and other “untouchable” details of an already working sync, to aboid messing things up.

But at least:

  • Allow to edit name and description (fix typos or reorganize using better naming conventions)
  • Allow to view everything. E.g. I create a sync for a smart contract for one event, say I need the same smart contract, but different event, it’s useful to copy/paste data from the other sync

I asked a supporter and was told I can find the info in the database, in the _EventSyncStatus table. It’s better than nothing, but if you are in the dashboard, it would be cool to see an edit/view page in the dashboard.

Also a “Clone sync” feature would be cool: opens a new sync with already filled details except the user must give a new table name before saving.

Thank your for considering this.