Moralis Server Status

We had this issue this morning where Moralis was rejecting queries. And this was happening over multiple refreshes/restarts/rebuilds over at least a 30 minute period. Then after we recorded it and went to fix it–it had miraculously resolved with nobody changing any of our code. And now it’s happening again with a team member in a different time zone, while it’s not happening with my location. It seems to come in about 30 minute waves, like somebody’s got the server down for maintenance. But now I’m seeing it’s localized, as if it’s a floating regional network connection issue.

Is there a health ping API we can show and use to lock out functionality while the connection is down?

in particular there were problems with Polygon APIs ~1 hours ago, not sure if is related

Aye. We are a Polygon project to start. Could be. We’ll see if it persists.

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 1.51.12 PM
It’s intermittent and returning. My favorite kind of bug. Enjoy.