Moralis Server not initializing when building DEX

Please can someone help me am building a DEX with Moralis but the server is not initializing after following the tutorial

Can you provide more info? what you mean by server is not initializing?

When I input server ID and application ID from moralis, the “Moralis.initialize will highlight three dots in the initialize starting from the " I to t” so I don’t know what else to do

maybe it is only some warning, and maybe it works fine even if you see those 3 dots, you are using latest Moralis SDK, right?

I copied it from moralis github following the video tutorial

This one: ?
If it is that one then it looks like it is using latest Moralis SDK

maybe it is only your editor that doesn’t know how to interpret that, do you get any error when running the website?

This is the one am using and the HTML and CSS works fine but my problem start immediately I start to run the JavaScript

that one should work fine too.

In order to start the website you’ll have to start a local http server in the folder where you have index.html and main.js. With python you can start a http server using python -m http.server 80 from the folder where you have index.html and main.js. and after that you can open in your browser

Yes am starting it with live server from my test editor or do u mean something else

that should be fine too, that is what I mean

Ok I will try the SDK you sent to me and get back to you thank you so much am grateful

I didn’t send you an sdk, I sent you a link to another example of code that uses Moralis SDK.

Yes that’s what I mean but if I may ask do i need to install Moralis SDK on my system or the the import install work just like that

you don’t have to install it on your system, this is the line from index.html that will load Moralis SDK:

    <script src=""></script>

Ok that’s what I have using

I will try other example thank u so much