Moralis server connection to Google data studio

Hey Iā€™m working on the dashboard for my DeFi project and need to integrate data from Moralis Server into Google data studio. Data studio do not support MongoDB.

My question : How I can utilize Moralis server API to query data from server to google data studio or google sheets.? Any guide or vide appreciated.


You could query mongo db, convert to json the result and maybe you can import json

OK how I can query mongo db ? is there any quide how to use API HTTP request

you can connect directly to mongo db:

you can also use REST API, you can search on google how to do it with parse in your preferred programming language as parse server is used.

OK what I get now still have problem how to move from here any help appreciated

import requests

headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
params = (
    ('parse', 'buddyupdate'),
json_data = {
    'filter': {
        'block_timestamp'<= '2022-03-06T08:45:36.000Z',
response = requests.get('', headers=headers, params=params, json=json_data)

did you make other request work?

Iā€™m not familiar now on how the request format should look

The regular request in python works, but I need to access the database using API any guidance appreciated

If you have a request that works, you could look on what http request is marking. You can also always write a cloud function that gives you the information that you need and after that you can call that cloud function.