Moralis Scan - Why does it not automatically create EthTransactions?

Turns out my issue wasn’t fix at all. I tried running this code from the tutorial and it seems like it’s only registering the watchEthAddress but it doesn’t seem to be able to fetch the address transaction history. Am I doing anything wrong here? It’s always returning me undefined values

This is the part where it’s registering the address but not the transaction. EthTransaction doesn’t seem to be created automatically too.

Hey @TheStars
Thank you for your patience!

Fot syncing historical transactions you need to call it with next params:

const result = await"watchEthAddress", {address: "0x3...12", "sync_historical":true })

Let me know how it will work for you :man_mechanic:

Sorry for the late response. It doesn’t seem to work. Always returning me undefined result

Hi @TheStars

It will not return you anything. It’s just a command to call the function :man_mechanic: