Moralis rest API ABI functionality not working

Hi guys. I’m using the web3 api provided by Moralis.

I want to get the tokenURI of a given NFT, having the NFT address and token ID. Now, when I try using the POST/{address}/function, from the moralis website, I need to insert a function_name. my function name is tokenURI… but if I run the code I get:

"message": "Function does not exist in abi"

there must be something I am doing wrong. can anyone please send me the correct syntax I should be using in the function_name field?

the address of the nft I am trying to access is this:0x43A10115280634d788815cD9316DF1d07c92e1c5
and the function name, reading the ABI, should be “tokenURI”. I insert these two things on the fields but nothing happens.

you can try this first, it may be easier to understand:

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