Moralis Rate Limit for uploading Images on IPFS

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project where I need to upload the images of the User on IPFS for NFT. I used Moralis API, to upload the images on IPFS. But it is getting rate limited to 10 calls per minute. I want to remove that limit. Is there a way to do so?

There is a rate limit but I don’t expect it to be 10 calls per minute. How are you uploading the files on ipfs? With web3api or with a server?

I am doing through web3api

Ok, the limit in web3api should be per second based on the plan.

but on pricing page, there is no details for that. Also, if we want to remove the limit, then what shall we do?

There is a compute unit cost for every api endpoint. There is an endpoint in web3api that returns the coats for all the endpoints.

What is the error that you get when you get rate limited?