Moralis Query notContained in not working

I have a collection with a bunch of pointer documents where I need to filter out some data using notContainedIn but it is not filtering out the data.

DexTrades have several pointers like token0, token1 which I am successfully including into my result set via the “include” function. However, applying “notContainedIn” on any of these pointer fields doesnt seem to work.

const query = new Parse.Query("DexTrade");
query.notContainedIn("token0.attributes.symbol", ["WETH"])
const result = await query.find();
console.log(result.filter(t => t.attributes.token0.attributes.symbol ==="WETH").map(t=> t.attributes.token0.attributes.symbol))

When I log this, I still get all the WETH symbols.

any ideas why this isnt working as expected? I am constantly running into database query related stuff that isnt working somehow…

does notContainedIn work for a simple query where no pointers are involved?

I dont have any collection data to test this with, the only collection that stores the symbols for me I am trying to filter out is the DexTrade collection with the pointers.