Moralis production server shuts down every week

Hi Guys!

Our Production Moralis Server shuts down every week; This is the second time it happened in this last month and a total of 4 times within two months.

Each time our customers come to the platform (especially on Monday morning), something may go wrong (Sometimes DB is not connected, or server hang, etc…) which makes your service unreliable to us as business owners.

Please ASAP provide us with the proper way to connect to developers or the support team. Waiting 10 -15 hours until the developer wakes up is not acceptable at all for us to move forward, especially when we are building our product based on your service.

I understand the system can break, but there should be a way to connect quickly to fix the problems as it is the minimum expectation from your customers.

what is the server domain/subdomain?

server works now, looking to see what was the problem

Thanks Please let us know what was the problem, It will help us