Moralis Offers No Wallet Addresses? What’s The Solution

Q: if Moralis doesn’t provide wallet addresses to the crypto’s we onboard to the wallet powered by Moralis

  1. How does this impact user ability to receive tokens? Send tokens ? Scan and send ? Scan and receive?

  2. What backup tools do you provide or alternative help do you provide on then how to add wallet addresses for the crypto tokens the users of our wallet use through you ?

What solution then is there for this ? When the wallet provider doesn’t provide wallet addresses for the tokens you on ramp


Users can use their existing wallets to authenticate and make transactions. Moralis doesn’t create a wallet.

So if I build an app using Wyre api for crypto wallet solution, I can use Moralis to add an additional erc 20 token to be used & available in my wyre wallet ?

I think you are a bit confused on what Moralis actually does.

This will give you a better idea of what Moralis can offer.

Do let us know if your doubt persists. Thanks