Moralis Object in React Native

I am interested in utilizing the GeoPoint Object within a react native project. I want to have users press a button that will then send the lat and lng as a GeoPoint Object to my moralis server.
I know this code is not correct but it creates the Objects within my moralis server minus the actual data.

const LatandLng = ({ lat, lng, user}) => { const { isSaving, error, save } = useNewMoralisObject('NftAndLocation'); const Moralis = require('moralis'); // const GeoPoint = useMoralis.GeoPoint; return( <div> {/* {error && <ErrorMessage error={error} />} */} <button onClick={() => save({lat, lng, user})} disabled={isSaving}>Place NFT</button> <div> {GeoPoint} </div> </div> ) }

you say that it creates a new row, but no data for lat, lng and user columns?

Correct, but my goal is to be able to use the GeoPoint Object instead to combine the two constants for the DB.

maybe you can also use vanilla js syntax if that works for you, that one starting with const Moralis = require('moralis') and after that using Moralis.

Can I do that within React Native? I am pretty new to the framework.

Iā€™m not sure, but I would expect it to work