Moralis not syncing with hardhat node

I have started local node via hardhat, connected to moralis server via frpc, deployed contract, added plugin, and made some transactions, - but database still empty, anything I am missing?

Connected to dev chain server

Setup plugins

Send transactions on 0x5Fd contract

what is the server url?

(always provide server url when posting)


moralis-admin-cli connect-local-devchain --frpcPath “/home/berlenko/dev/moralis/frp/frpc” --moralisApiKey wUInavjqp6bcCkn --moralisApiSecret LF7LQfqfBcmO7WL --moralisSubdomain --chain hardhat

We checked your server and you have written ABI for whole contract including bytecode etc…

You need to only include ABI of the specific event you want to track :raised_hands: not whole contract

Try it and let us know if it works

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