Moralis Nitro - Historical transactions limit

Hello, I’m referring to this part of the Nitro changes:

Better default settings

Before Moralis Nitro we synced all user transactions into the database when a user signs in.

This created some issues with many new users logged in at the same time and user historic sync was enabled. If 1000 users sign up with 100 historical tx each - server needs to handle 100k transactions all at once. While we always had a setting in the dashboard to turn this off we’ve noticed that some dapps missed to set that setting resulting in downtime when many users signed up all at once and in most cases the developer didn’t even need full user history.

Now with Moralis Nitro only 50 historical user tx for each category (native, token, nft) and chain are synced.

And this can be adjusted in the admin settings for the particular server.

The limit I’m going to set in the dashboard, is a limit on the past transactions only? Or the limit will affect also the new elements that will be tracked from that point onward?

I’m using for example the table PolygonNFTTransfers. Each time a new transfer happens, some actions are performed. If I set the limit on the dashboard to 50, it will track everything from that point onward and limiting only the past transactions to 50, or will in some way block the update of new ones if the total count for the user synced (past + new) will be > 50?

Thank you


From what I know that limit is only for historical sync and not for what is synced after that.

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