Moralis NFT API Webhook? Need notifications when someone buys/sells NFTs from a specific contract/colletion

Hi all, I’m Lucca, first time here on the forums!

I’m currently developing an application where I need to get notifications whenever a particular ETH/Polygon wallet owner sells or buys an NFT from a specific collection or token contract. Does the Moralis NFT API offer any Webhooks that I can use to receive these notifications? Or does the API only implement endpoints for pulling data?

Asking this because so far the API has been working flawlessly for my other uses cases, but constantly pulling data at the volume I need will not only easily exceed my current subscription limit but also waste a tremendous amount of bandwidth credit from the virtual machine that this app will need to be deployed to.


you can use a server, add on that server a specific event to watch for that specific collection, with a specific filter, and after that you can use afterSave or a webhook of when a new data gets sync in a specific table on your Moralis Server

you can find some info here also:

I haven’t actually tried using the Moralis servers yet, hopefully it will solve my problem. Thank you so much!