Moralis NFT API vs Alchemy NFT API Tutorial

Boilerplate loads and runs fine. I am trying to incorporate the code in the tutorial “Moralis NFT API vs Alchemy NFT API Tutorial” and I get this error

Failed to compile.

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘…/…/…/providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider’ in … ‘ethereum-boilerplate/src/components/NFTAPI/components’

There is no “providers” folder in the src directory.,

do you have providers folder in your project?

Where do I find the providers folder? It’s not in the ethereum-boilerplate.

Okay, I was using the wrong ethereum-boilerplate. I found it here…

I think it’s already removed in the boilerplate, but that’s what give you the error likely, because you just copy it directly from the tutorial code and move it to yours, you might need to do a bit more adjustment :raised_hands:

Well I am down to one more compiling issue.

Failed to compile.

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘helpers/fetcher’ in ‘/home/richard/git/ethereum-boilerplate/ethereum-boilerplate/src/components/NFTAPI/components’

It’s nice that we can get a lovely YouTube video to show off the features, but it would be nice to be able to download the code and spin it up so we can follow along with having to spend half a day trying to get to to work so we can follow along. And I’m debugging things that don’t really matter to the features of Moralis. Just frustrated.

Do you have helpers/fetcher.js file in your project?

If you’re copying directly from others project you need to adjust as some of these imports are available in only those projects and not yours :raised_hands:

I have searched everywhere for the helpers/fetcher.js file. Where can I find it?