Moralis, NextJS and Typescript

Hi everyone, my question:

Is it possible to use Moralis with NextJS and Typescript? Where are the limitations if any?

Thank you


Hi Thomas,

As NextJs is built in Javascript it should work. We have not tested it thoroughly with that framework though. We have tested it with Gatsby and Create-react-app. So I assume NextJs would also work.

Support for Typescript is not officially supported and complete at the moment. But a “best-effort so far” has been made here: Note that it is not complete and might contain a few errors. But if you really want to use Typescript help, then this might help you a bit.

Good Typescript support out-of-the-box is on our roadmap.


NextJS is an SSR framework, and if you use NextJS with React you can turn the SSR features on a per component basis, so even if some server-side rendering static sites interfere with Moralis in some way (unlikely), you could turn it off within dynamic components. NextJS should work without a problem.


Thank you @Erno and @Dominik,
Further, will Moralis support Social Media Login like Torus?

We wil soon open up Moralis for third party plugins and at that point it will be possible to write a plug-in like that!

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