Moralis Magic Link error

After an update of Magic Link SDK some days ago, now when existing Users login in for the second or third time the system will generate a new wallet again for them. This means now one user can have two wallet addresses in an app.

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I’ve had the same problem for the past few days

I sign in with my [email protected]
But at two different times, it generates 2 different addresses.

With the first address (address_1)
It will be received when the user logs into the app for the first time or when the browser cache is cleared.

With the second address (address_2)
It will be received when the user has logged in before or the data of the Magic Link is in the browser cache.

@Carter, @duc.tran3, what version of Magic SDK are you using when you see that behaviour?

@cryptokid Latest version I think, last week everything is ok, this week Moralis did update something and we found this issue

can you give more info about your environment?
what type of project it is?

Here is RPC

and account
“address”: “0x0456A2B870B105687B1B8E8FCa277023D432E4A8”,
“email”: “duc.tran3+1@s*.com”

“address”: “0xA4abA5A7245Aa43fE8f5CCA69eD0d047f8639b28”,
“email”: “duc.tran3+1@s*.com”

this behaviour replicates multiple times?

we found out meanwhile that if different api keys will be used then it will generate different address

Have you contacted Magic? They will be able to look into the addresses on their side given details like email used to sign in, API key. Generating different addresses on Magic’s side does not seem like something that Moralis can alter.

@alex, that much help, where should I contact Magic?

You can visit and initiate the chatbox in the bottom right corner of the site.