Moralis is not defined

ReferenceError: moralis is not defined , i followed the tutorial on how to make a rarible clone and im getting errors ,even sintax error such us :Uncaught SyntaxError: await is only valid in async functions and the top level bodies of modules

our server is :

Post your code thanks.
Please use formatting when posting code

Ivan you really are a 10x guy , cant beleive you personally reply my post , what a beast

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does these image help?

Always :wink: can you show where you include script into HTML and how you include main.js into html

please let me know if the image helps ,not quite sure about the format you want the files

we solved the issue , thanks

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Did you figure it out? I see you deleted the posts with your code…

I ran the code you posted. There are some typo errors with capitalization. It should be:

  • Moralis.Web3.enable() with capital on Web3
  • Moralis.Web3.authenticate capital on Web3
  • Moralis.User.current() with capital on User
  • showElement = (element) => etc etc... should be lower case on showElement (or change your calls to match the function)

Ok you must’ve replied while I was testing your code. Good work! :muscle:

yes , it was that , thanks a lot mayjer