Moralis is not defined?

hi! When i’m about to test a portion of code from local to a test environment in a sub domain live

Uncaught ReferenceError: Moralis is not defined
at presale.js:1

we need more info, like where do you run that code, did you use something like:

        <script src="[email protected]/dist/web3.min.js"></script>
        <script src=""></script>

in your html header?

Thanks for this, because I was trying the fetch of an image in s3 bucket. You told me I will have corse error when I tried it in localhost, now I’m trying it in a live server. and still cors problem :frowning: any thoughts?

Moralis.Cloud.define("test_fetch", async function(request){
    const im1 = ""
    const im1_data = await Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest({url: im1})
    const btoa = function(str){ return Buffer.from(str).toString('base64'); }
    const test = new Moralis.File("image.png", {base64 : btoa(im1_data.buffer)});
    return test;

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This works fine for me:

const btoa = function(str){ return Buffer.from(str).toString('base64'); }

Moralis.Cloud.define("test_fetch_2", async function(request){
    im1 = ""
    im1_data = await Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest({url: im1})
    //btoa = function(str){ return Buffer.from(str).toString('base64'); }
    test = new Moralis.File("image.png", {base64 : btoa(im1_data.buffer)});
    f = await{useMasterKey: true});
    return f;
    //return test;

This works perfect! but I’m having issue saving it to IPFS

      const dwarfImage = await"test_fetch_2");
      console.log("dwarfImage", dwarfImage);
      //   const nftFileMint = new Moralis.File("nft.jpg", nftFile.files[0]);
      await dwarfImage.saveIPFS();

you can save it directly on IPFS in that cloud function, I used there

    f = await{useMasterKey: true});

but you can use

    f = await test.saveIPFS({useMasterKey: true});

and it will save it directly to IPFS in the cloud function

Hey Cryptokid< did you ever get this sorted out?im running and getting the same error…thanks a million

that shouldn’t be a problem, how does your code look like?