Moralis IPFS upload has become very slow

I have recently noticed that uploading files on moralis IPFS has become much slower than it used to be. Just uploading json files has become atleast 3-4 times slower and uploading images also becomes much slower. This has really created a bad user experience for our app. Previously it was perfect idk what happened in the past few days. Is anyone aware of this?

Also can having a paid plan get us a better IPFS node or something?

I tested now with an image that has 300k in size and it was uploaded in 1-2 seconds.

how slow it is on your side for a small json file?

Easily 3-4 seconds. For small images close to 10 seconds

I tested with another server now, and I get reasonable speeds too, but I heard for someone else today about slow speeds too.

Is your server in a good shape on CPU and disk space? If your server is overloaded then the upload to IPFS will also be slow.

This is our server statsimage

We have also upgraded to the paid plan.
no. of users 8

can you share your server url/subdomain?

Thanks for the quick support!

did you try to restart your server?
it looks like same file that takes on my test server 2 seconds to upload takes 30 seconds with your server.

That is very strange, yes I did try once a while back but maybe ill try again.

Btw I am using this code to save on IPFS

const file = new Moralis.File(, {
    base64: btoa(JSON.stringify(bounty)),
  return file.saveIPFS();

if you upload a string, can you also try from a cloud function?

Okay I will try from cloud function and let you know! Thanks

Hey @cryptokid, works much faster now from cloud thanks!

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im having this problem too right now. the upload function is slow suddenly. I had to create a new server and it solves the problem. is it because i have too much data in the database ?

on a new server the upload to IPFS should not be affected by the database