Moralis Hosting Issue

I use moralis-admin-cli to deploy the react/static app but facing the issue, it seems that there is a server issue, status code 502: Bad gateway

I did try to undeploy and redeploy but it did not work.

Hey @hiteshkr759

It sometimes happens when you uploading something big to the Moralis server it will show you an error if you try to connect to the Moralis website.

Or moralis-admin-cli deploy doesn’t work at all?

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Hi @Yomoo

Thank you for your reply.
I did try moralis-admin-cli deploy I got success response with the server URL, but when i try to open that same URL it did not work and say the 502 error message.
I have seen this error when we try to connect moralis website, but if refresh twice it will work, but this is not the same for me, it use to get the same error.