Moralis good practice to get transactions count and wallet age


I’m working on a web3 social network project where we need to track the on-chain activity of our users but we only need limited information such as the number of transactions on different networks and address age.
Having the by default Moralis class ethTransaction with the autosync for our users is great but it will accumulate a lot of data we don’t need (full transactions history).

What would be the best practice way forward?

1. Keep the transactions class with auto sync as it is and make the query (number of transactions) directly on our db.
2. Delete the transactions class and make a query such as Moralis.Web3API.account.getTransactions() everytime a user connects or visit a profile. We don’t store much, no autosnyc but we end up asking the same data again and again if a profile is often visited.
3. Make a custom class that only saves the information we need, delete the default transaction classes, and make a query to auto-sync with our users while updating only the info we need (number of transactions and network used) and not keeping the rest of the data. This seems to be the best way but I’m unsure about the way forward.

It would be awesome to get the opinion of more experienced Moralis user :slight_smile: