Moralis getNFTsForContract keep "SYNCING"

Hi everyone,

I just new to Moralis and I have a problem on sdk calling.

I tried to run

const res = await Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTsForContract({
		chain: 'bsc',
		address: '0x0bfB6a9B57c15f0D97BAC8B7B491234927a6ECA2'.toLowerCase(),
		token_address: '0xCB4Db2D1Cc5270C54ED01e3827455050F5574235'.toLowerCase()


I notice that the response is syncing for from yesterday, on my first call

I want to know, how long it offen takes to the sync process to be completed? We have about 10k NFT records

sent to devs for checking!

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