Moralis getNFTs doesn't return metadata and token_uri


I try to get my nfts from Moralis.Web3API.account.getNFTs(options) function. But I can’t get metadata and token_uri informations in result. I can see my nfts in opensea collected section. So I can understand there is no problem with nft, metadata and minting. So what can be the problem about this metadata null error?

Example result:
“token_address”: “0x1fd55b1086779162792bd09a04d4991c3b51de36”,
“token_id”: “6”,
“block_number_minted”: “27328734”,
“owner_of”: “0x050ea6a9277b476a1d54f3b023b649c555a970bb”,
“block_number”: “27328734”,
“token_hash”: “f5ad4e6b51c1b9806a213948ad7a0ac8”,
“amount”: “1”,
“contract_type”: “ERC721”,
“name”: “Test”,
“symbol”: “ICASB”,
“token_uri”: null,
“metadata”: null,
“synced_at”: null

It could be that these data is not yet synced at Moralis.

Try resyncmetadata api to resysnc

I tried this function but nothing changed.

It may take few minutes

2 hours passed but nothing changed. I can see my all nfts on another nft marketplaces, but this function doesn’t work on Moralis web3 api.

on what chain is that nft?

resyncMetadata with uri flag should work now