Moralis File & media playing renaming

Saving MP3 audio using Moralis.File ends up with the filename as MPGA format. Which is strange in itself - why does Moralis need to rename MP3 files?

MGPA is not supported across Apple devices as part of HTML5 audio component.

Can this be standardised so MP3 files as served as MP3 files? (May also apply to other audio & video format renaming on Moralis.File save)

Can confirm MP4 are also exhibiting the same broken behaviour across Safari (IOS 15.1 , MacOS, 12.0.1)

This loads up the default video component for Safari & then falls over:

I knew about some problem with .mp4 files.

If you save those files on IPFS, by using .saveIPFS instead of .save(), then do you have the same problem?

Checking the headers of the MP4 file I notice it’s being served behind Cloudflare.

Cloudflare docs suggest a Range header needs to be set for serving to Safari

IPFS may also be behind cloudflare and also when accessing your Moralis Server url