Moralis.EvmApi.token.getWalletTokenTransfers does not include txns from/to null addresses

Moralis.EvmApi.token.getWalletTokenTransfers does not include token transfers from/to null addresses.
We have chosen Moralis API for our upcoming major update on our platform and have been working on it for months but now we have realised that it doesn’t support it yet and am very frustrated.

I would like to know when Moralis API dev team can update that endpoint?

Thank you so much.

Hi @Kei

Thanks for reaching. I am John from Moralis support.

We do have this on our roadmap and should be released in the coming weeks.

May I know on which chains you are using the getWalletTokenTransfers endpoint?

Hi, John

Thanks so much for the quick response.

We are using that endpoint on BSC mainnet and Fantom mainnet and we scheduled to deploy our update tomorrow. But it sounds like we are not able to. :((

Anyway, I would like to have the endpoint updated as soon as possible.

Thanks again,


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Hi @johnversus,

I would like to know roughly when we can have the getWalletTokenTransfers updated with zero addresses.



We have released this recently on eth chain. Should be released on other chains in a few weeks. We dont have an eta as of now.

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