Moralis.EvmApi.nft.getNFTOwners responds with out of sync metadata

I have not had this issue in a long time, however, I recently have gotten very out-of-sync data (i.e. 2+ year old) from calls to Moralis.EvmApi.nft.getNFTOwners. Below is the correct data from OpenSea on the left and the wrong data being passed back for this contract for this token on the right.
Request info below also regularly contains the cursor for each page.

address: 0x066f2d5ead7951f0d0038c19affd500b9f02c0e5,
chain: EvmChain.ETHEREUM,
format: 'decimal',

Any ideas on how to proceed? Previously I have had to wait for the Moralis team to hop on the issue and resolve internally.

Hi @Shrinedev, the mentioned contract has been resynced, you should now obtain the updated metadata.