Moralis.enableWeb3 vs Moralis.authenticate init Moralis DB

Hi everyone,

I’m a issue : Call Moralis.enableWeb3 is not initialize the Moralis Database, but “normal” login, with Moralis.authenticate yes. In the documentation, i read that are equals, but it seem not.

The blue line show tables that are initialize only when i call Moralis.authenticate

Thanks in advance.

they are different. enableWeb3 only enables web3, authenticate enables web3 and also does the authentication

Thanks for the response.
Sorry but i don’t understand. Moralis.enableWeb3 is request metamask to authenticate the user.
And in moralis documentation, they says that Authenticate and EnableWeb3 are similar no ?

So if i want to user Moralis event to detect chain change for example, i need first authenticate, and after that enableWeb3 ? ^^

authenticate has one more step compared to enable web3, you need enableWeb3 if you want to sign a transaction for example

Ok thanks, but if i need to listen event for chain change, i don’t need enable3 that you sayed ? :slight_smile:

It’s really not clear at all for me :confused:

For example, now i’m just using Moralis.authenticate, and the result is : Moralis.chainId return NULL.
I need to first authenticate, after enableweb3 manually, and after that Moralis.chainId can have the correct value…

if you use await Moralis.enableWeb3() and after that x = await Moralis.getChainId() then it should work fine

Sure that i told you :wink:

I need to clairly understand the process…

First : Authenticate the user
Second : EnableWeb3
third: Init event like (OnChainChanged)
four: Get all information that i need ? (Like Moralis.getChainId)

Thanks in advance.

you can skip the authentication part if you don’t need it

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Yes but without authentification, i can’t init correctly my database and get native balance, tokens, nft etc no ?

you can use web3api calls without authentication, but it will be easier with authentication

Ok thanks for your explications & your time :wink: