Moralis databases

Hi There,
I am wondering what type of database and servers Moralis is using, is it hosted on AWS, Azure or any other provider?
Also from a resilience point of view are these databases replicated to provide a degree of decentralization and reduce single point of failures vulnerabilities? This is particularly relevant to DApps combining web3.0 and web2.0.
Is there future plans to have resilient decentralized databases / storage solutions such as BigchainDB, Storj etc…?

Hi @Tristan3000,

Moralis instances are cloud based, with mongoDB databases. Since we are in a Beta / PoC stage, there is currently no data replication. This is one of the reasons why we don’t want people to use the Moralis Beta in any production env until we are production ready. But increased replication and decentralization is definitely in our pipeline after we are past the Beta stage.


I would like to suggest considering to use BlockStack for DeFi Cloud Storage

it seems quite deal for a few reasons