Moralis Database

Hi Everyone!

This is Muhammad Umer. Iā€™m a beginner in the web 3 world. I have a question related to moralis as we know that moralis save our data in the blockchain. But I saw the
delete functionality in moralis Database. My question is how is possible to delete data from the blockchain?

I hope that you guys will be understand my question.

Thank you.


When you use a server, Moralis syncs data from blockchain in a local database that in mongo db, where you can do various processings. You can delete the data from that local mongo db database.


Can I see my data in blockchain like if I put the email in moralis which is in sync with eth blockchain can I access the email from eth blockchain?

you will have to interact with the blockchain, to add your email somewhere in the blockchain and then you can query the blockchain. you can do this without moralis too.

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