Moralis Database Security

I have a couple of questions re. security when using Moralis database.

  • Is it possible to give a role to a Cloud Function, so that only that function can access the data in a table as opposed to a user. It appears that Moralis.Role is restricted to users, but not functions? For my specific use case, I don’t want some columns to be visible to anyone & to be read by a function as opposed to a “human”.
  • Is it possible to “hide” data when looking at the dashboard? When I look at the user table I see that password is (hidden) - but I couldn’t find a way to replicate that using CLP or Protected Fields. How can I achieve this?

For the second question I don’t know how to do it, you could try to look in db directly to see if there is a specific setting to hide a field.

For second question I don’t think that it is possible now, you could try to do that explicit check in a cloud function based on current user.

You can also try to search on google how to do various things related to parse server and Moralis Server uses parse server for dashboard/cloud functions