Moralis data regarding NFTs is outdated

I assume the Moralis API builds their index when an NFT is being minted. They don’t go back and reindex it after.

These days it becomes more and more popular to launch a product with a temporary image and do a revel later. But when the reveal happens, the only thing that is changes is the actual content of the metadata file. Platforms like Moralis can’t know about it so they still display the old data.

OpenSea API seems to do things differently and reindex files more frequently.

Is Moralis ever going to implement the ability to ask the server to go out and reindex a specific collection or single NFT data? Because of this issue my app doesn’t work as intended and I have to do more calls to other apis to go around the issue.

We have now an api call to refresh metadata for a token_id, it will be added today to documentation.

Thank you. I appreciate this. Will it be available on the rest api too? Because I’m using that and not the sdk.

yes, it is already present there: GET ​/nft​/{address}​/{token_id}​/metadata​/resync

hi. thank you for the answer. i don’t think it is working, this is what I get, the request URL gives: {“message”:“API KEY missing from x-api-key header”}
although the API key is not missing

can you paste the parameters that you used?

FYI Moralis now supports refresh for all NFTs automatically Moralis Updates NFT Metadata