Moralis copy object table or how to copy table and

I have a table or object class defined on my server. If I am working on another project that will use same table , how is the best way to move it to another server ? Is there an example script of this ?

p.s. your guys extremely good support is making your platform come up quickly, at this hackathon I am working on , lot of web3 devs are knowing using moralis .

You can connect directly to mongo db, dump a table and then load it on the other server.

You may find a script in another thread that helps on this migration too.

You cannot duplicate the Moralis File Objects in this way, database tools don’t recognize ACL and File objects types which are written by Moralis. If a file saved in the server instead of IPFS, like an avatar, will only be able to get its URL which the path belongs to that source server which later will cause the images won’t show at the destination server’s URL.

So do you or anyone suggests a way to duplicate the File objects to another server’s _User table?


You could do an entire database dump and load it on a new server too.

I think that there is a separate table that keeps the data stored for the files, but I don’t know the exact details on how all the information is stored. It is the same way as parse server stores the files in the data base (in case that this helps you)