Moralis Clound Func return DATA

I created an http request in Moralis cloud functions. This request is pulling some data from an API. Data comes in piecemeal. I want to send the incoming data to the user at the end of the process. But it returns undefined . How can I solve this?Screenshot from 2022-05-15 01-04-24

Is your teams array getting all the data at each step? Or is logging the length showing what it should be when you go to return it?

@zfiratselim, you have to returns something in that function, I don’t see any return in that code.

I return teams array. But it is not return client. Can you help me?

You still need to return in the cloud function, not just in getTeams. Try just returning anything like a static value to test. And then make sure teams has the right data you want.

also, you can add a return before Moralis.Cloud.httpRequest

Try add return in the points as mentioned above

You can then make a little fix here


You can make it

    const result = await getTeams(URL);
    return result;
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