Moralis.Cloud is showing error on angular

Hi, i want to use moralis cloud for my data storage. But i am getting this error that Moralis.Cloud not found.

How i am using this code

import  Moralis from 'moralis'
/* Moralis init code */
const serverUrl = environment.moralis_dapp_url;
const appId = environment.moralis_app_id;
Moralis.start({ serverUrl, appId });

 const res = await"addUser", param);

Here I am getting error "Property ‘Cloud’ does not exist on type ‘{ Core: MoralisCore; Auth: MoralisAuth; Streams: MoralisStreams; EvmApi: MoralisEvmApi; SolApi: MoralisSolApi; start: (providedConfig?: Partial<…> | undefined) => Promise<…>; }’ "

Can you please help me?

You need to be using a different package called moralis-v1 to work with Moralis servers.

How to install it?
Or just i have to import moralis-v1?

You have to install Moralis-v1 or a versions for Moralis that starts with 1.