Moralis cloud function automatic

One more question was there
We want to run the cloud function in such a way that table updates automatically.
We have 2 tables which are getting update by smart contract we want the database to calculate the value from both the table and update it in the new table.
And also when we update it creates a new row in database

Hi @Hackermonks

I’ve answered you there:

It’s not working it’s creating new row

Share the code you used


If I call this function it’s creating new row I want data to update in single row of particular user

I’m trying to test, could you paste selectable code instead of a print screen?

how do you call this function? or what do you do before that?
I don’t see a problem with this function for now.

Tried to do like this still it’s creating new row

It looks like you are creating a new row with new uidClass(), if you want to update an existing row you have to get the row before updating it.

I have pass get request or do something else?

I think that you have to make a find query first to get the object that you want to update.

Ok I’ll try and get back to you