Moralis cloned dapp throwing error (ReactJS)

I was watching this “I Cloned OpenSea in 2 Hours” video on Youtube by the Moralis channel and decided to clone the final project (which started from the github repo of the ethereum boilerplate).

After cloning I ran npm install and installed the dependencies, changed the .env.example to .env and assigned my AppID and ServerURL values from Moralis. Now, when I run npm start I get this React error on my browser: “Error: A cross-origin error was thrown. React doesn’t have access to the actual error object in development. See for more information.”.

I tried Cleaning my local storage in Dev Tools from Chrome but nothing. What am I doing wrong? Here I leave the github repo which I cloned

you could ask this question in a thread specific to OpenSea tutorial: Cloning OpenSea NFT Boilerplate Questions