Moralis CLI not deploying a json file with a 403 error

Hello I am trying to deploy a 0.json file to my moralis server but am met with the following error.

Hey @elijahsb777

Double check your api keys. And you need to specify a path moralis-admin-cli deploy --p C:\myDapp\

It says max file size exceeded. Is it correct? I tried with another smaller file and got this error

Please share your server subdomain :raised_hands: This is subdomain?

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moralis-admin-cli deploy is for deploying dapps to the Moralis hosting. In your case for stroring metadata you can use Moralis.File. Also Moralis supports IPFS.

Take a look at Saving Files

I am trying to deploy a json file as meta data for an nft

I see, but moralis-admin-cli deploy is not for your case. Check my message above

No I think there is a confusion. I only specified path because of this statement " . And you need to specify a path `moralis-admin-cli deploy --p C:\myDapp" I do not want to deploy the dapp. Just a json called 0.json alone

Please read my messages again :smiley: