Moralis Boilerplate Dapp Development Assisting

Hi All and Developers,

I am trying to make a Boilerplate Dapp and there are tons of questions on how to do things both in Framework and in React. Is anyone is able to help me out with development of the app that I am trying to do? (Real-time)
The app that I am trying to do, needs very simple functionality which should be easy to do (an hour to do if you are familiar with it), only if I knew needed stuff … :sob:

I myself, I am a Computer Scientist that has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in it, so I am not a fanatic youth doing it for fun :nerd_face: . I am doing this as my personal project for my Thesis, and Dapp development has been too slow mostly cause of not knowing React well, that is why assistance here is very crucial for me.